Available Grants!

The Small Business Grant are available for new and existing business not in business longer than 2 years.  We are interested in Small Business Development and Community Based Organizations.  Our program seeks to support developmental projects with Small Businesses and Community Development Organizations.  This funding is intended to invest in the development of programs within the community.  Those programs and projects include, but not limited to:

- After-School Program focusing on Entrepreneurship

- Boarding Homes for Youth and Veterans

- Rehabilitation Center for those in need

- Transitional housing for the homeless

- Small Business Mentor Protegee Programs (supports equipment purchases and salaries)

- Gardening Program


*All Applicants MUST take the Grant Writing Interest Course.  The course cost $35 and the grant application is attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many applicants typically apply for this grant.

A. We have several applicants to apply, however, more than 30% are ineligible due to not completing sections of the Grant Application.  On average we have 100-200 applicants.


Q. Do we have to use the attached Template?

A. Yes


Q. My total project is more than $12,000.  Do I include the full project amount or only up to the $12,000.

A. It is best to include the full project amount.  Also, if you have any matching funds or partners, please include those as well.


Q. Do we have to purchase the Grant Writing Interest Courses?

A. The Grant Writing Interest Courses is required and is used to minimize errors within your proposals.  The application is attached to the course.


Q. How are winners selected?

A. Access Grants has 3 Levels that each application must succeed.

Level 1 - Fully Completed Application

Level 2 - Plagiarism and Content

Level 3 - Effectiveness of the Program

Finalist must submit a video submission.  You will be notified.